hello again:)

wow, I haven't been writing for so long time... I'm finishing school in soon and I'm going to high school ;-)

On 3rd june there's a kind of prom for 3rd grade students. I've already bought the dress but I still have a little problem with shoes. I have no idea what I should choose - high heels or flat? I'd love to wear high heels but I'm afraid I won't find anything pretty and comfortable:/

On 15th june there's Ringo Starr's concert!!:):) i'm so happy; it's been my dream to see him.
and it's nearby my hometown - just 20-30 kms:)

today I'm going to watch "Paranormal activity". It's my second time - first time I watched only 30 minutes because my sister was scared and she wanted to switch it off:/ I also was frightened 'cos I've thought it was a real story=D later I read it wasn't, so now I'm not scared at all;p


PS and now for something completely different;-)