Hello again:)

My holidays are coming to an end. The new school year starts on 1st September. I'll meet my friends and teachers... I'm going to have some new subjects such as chemistry, music. My favourite subjects are maths and biology. I also like social studies, Polish and English. I don't like physics and PE... (I usually get tired quickly).

Some days ago I read a book "Sickened" which was written by Julie Gregory. I very liked it. I don't understand her parents, people like them shouldn't have any children:(

The Summer Grand Prix has started:)! I love ski jumping:) My dad has bought some old VHS cassettes and I record all competitions.

Yesterday I was watching World Champs in Athletics. Piotr MaƂachowski was second... I was so angry!



some photos

One photo I took after rain and two other show winter landscape:)



nothing to do...

I've got holiday and I'm so bored :( But I have to send some e-mails to my penfriends:) And I must write a letter to Ky.
I hope I'll go to Warsaw tomorrow. I want to buy a Polish flag for Ky and take some photos...

Last days were warm, about 30 degrees C, today it's about 20. I can't wait for Summer Grand Prix (I'm talking about ski jumping, of course xD)

On Friday I forgot to watching one episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus and I had to watch it at 4 a.m... But it was funny;-)